Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Confessions of a Materials Addict

I was cleaning my office today and trying to organize my jewelry making materials. In the process of shifting things around, I had to move my collection of drawing pads about a hundred times. After the 50th maneuvering, I realized that I have far too many blank drawing pads. There are several stacks now leaning against the walls of my office and on my desk is a brand spanking new sketch pad (I NEEDED a really big one, you know). Somehow, I always manage to justify purchasing art supplies. I may have to skip a meal to pay for it but I always really need something and, if you were interested, I could probably share the rationale behind each purchase...but that would take a while.

In an effort to become better person and learn to be satisfied, I am going to give up going to art supply stores. I really do need to get over the rush of cracking open a new box of markers or running my hand across a smooth new pad of paper. If an idea comes to me, I am going to find a way to create it out of materials at hand rather than dashing off to the store. If I need a sketchbook of a different shape, I can make it out of some of these giant drawing pads. Who knows, perhaps I will get desperate enough to use those acrylic paints I acquired for 2-D Design class so very long ago.

In any case, the little pile of 4"x4" bristol squares will be the first to go. There are 56 of them; they are the remainders of the bristol pad I cut up for the 40 Days of Doodles project. Also to be deployed, the large box of fancy markers I received for my birthday a while back (having a supportive architecture dad = wonderfully useful presents). I will share the results with you. The first one is above. Given that I don't really use color much, it should be entertaining. So, here goes:

 I am pretty sure I am not alone in the supply addiction. What materials do you obsess over? What are you going to do with your excess supplies collection?