Friday, February 18, 2011

Accountability and Discipline

I have a problem. I am sure that many of you suffer from the same issue. I am a wicked bad procrastinator and am addicted to deadlines. I can find about a million other things to do around the house (clean, laundry, nap) or on the internet/phone (twitter, facebook, games, reading articles). In the absence of any deadlines or shows, I fall apart. I become unfocused and unable to accomplish any jewelry making. I need to change this pattern of behavior.

One remedy I am exploring to improve my time management is using a planner. Each day in the planner is marked out in hours and I am determined to write each activity for each day into the slots. At the end of each month, I will make a graph of how I have spent my time (not sure I will ever share this chart with anyone). I expect this will be a humbling experience but it will also encourage me to engage in activities that I want to write in my planner. Really, who wants to see two hours of nap, every day?

I want to make a living doing what I love. Some days it is really difficult to get motivated. My lack of self-discipline could cause this whole enterprise to fall apart. As my little pothos has taught me, I can change. I have to change and my planner is just one of many little steps on my path to succeeding as an artist and a businesswoman.

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