Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Having a Ball

Remember to play. This key idea behind the Doodle-a-Day project heavily influences my new line of investigation. This new series is growing out of the "what if I do this...?" game. It is an easy game to play with paper and pen (cheap and fast); the game is a little more challenging to play when I start working in silver and gemstones (expensive and time consuming). It is an essential and sometimes rewarding game.

The basic question here is ,"What if I try to crochet a ball in silver?". Did it. Did it again. Did it in two parts to get a ball that is more round. Added colored beads to the ball. Now I have a whole bunch of balls and half balls in varying states of completion. And I am having fun.

Playing the "what if I...?" game has brought new vitality and excitement to my work. Tomorrow is torch and anvil time and I can start playing with the support forms for the balls. It will be a whole new round of "what if I...?" and I can't wait to get started.

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