Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson 2b: Tying Out

Hi all. This is Part B of Lesson 2. You can find Part A here.

I hope you are off to a good start on making chains. The chain is the foundation for just about everything else you will do in crochet so get in lots of practice. Plus, by the time you are making awesome, even chains, holding the hook and wire will be easy and comfortable and you will be ready to move on to more complicated stitches. We left off last lesson with a length of chain stitch.
The completed chain.

So, now I will demonstrate tying out. Tying out is a good way to tidy up your piece and prevent unraveling. You can also use the tails to attach your chain to other findings and pieces of crochet. Although unraveling is less likely with wire, it can happen if you give an open end a really good yank. Try it some time, just to see what happens; you won't be able to reuse the wire, though.

Back to tying out, take the end you just cut off and look at it. Make sure you aren’t undoing your work as you tie out.

The just finished end.

Just push the tail through the last chain you made. Pull it until the tail makes a tight loop around the tip of the last chain. Push the tail through in the same direction again and pull it tight two more times.

Pushing the tail through.

The tail is pulled tight.
After making your three passes through, nip off the tail as close to the chain as you can. Be sure not to cut your chain! Then, use your pliers to tuck in the spiky little end.
Nip the tail.
The nipped off end with a pokey little bit.
Tuck in the pokey with your pliers.

Now, flip over your chain and tie out the other tail the same way. You can use the pliers to pull the loop tight, if you need.

The starting end of the chain.

Use pliers to pull the wraps nice and tight.
Nip and tuck as with the other end and you are all done!

Here is a little video, putting it all together.

Some Useful Abbreviations
ch = chain stitch
yo = yarn over
These are common throughout crochet instructions.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.
I hope to see you next week for Lesson 3: Single Crochet.

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