Friday, April 16, 2010

My eyes are going digital

Shooo-wee! I feel like I have been staring at the computer all day. But, the website has images now. Go me! Except, I have to go back and caption all of them.
I am really looking forward to finishing all of my web stuff so that I can get back out to my workbench. Of course, I can't really do anything until I tidy up the mess I made while getting ready for Urban Bazaar (I think that bench came with a top but I am afraid that I may find that all of those materials are actually levitating).
Oh, and then I need to photograph all of the new pieces so that I can get them posted on Etsy. So, more computer stuff. I knew I went to architecture school for a reason...turns out that I mostly just learned how to use graphics programs really fast.
Then, finally, I can get back to making jewelry. I have all of these ideas and components to work with. now I just need the bench time.
But for tonight, I am going to cook dinner for my wonderful husband and friends. I know, some of you are now doing a double take and making sure it is actually me. Really, it's Anne. I am going to cook some things. I already made red wine marinade for the steaks and it took more than a pot and a pair of scissors (which is generally the extent of cooking utensils I will touch). I am going to make creamed spinach and roasted red potatoes for the sides and cut up some fresh cantaloupe for dessert. I am looking forward to this meal.
It is nice to slow down and enjoy good food with the people who make life wonderful.
P.S. I already looked up the number for poison control. Everything will be alright.

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