Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waiting to Hear... Something

Every time I hear the word Afghanistan on the radio (not terribly often), my insides clinch up a bit. It has, perhaps, been to easy to be complacent about the daily events on both fronts. The news of either war is buried deep within the news of the day. Most days, I don't even see a new article on either. They certainly are rarely on the front page.

It is easy to assume that everything is okay.

Even though my little brother is presently stationed in Afghanistan, he never really seemed so far away as he does today. With technology and communications so immediate, he frequently responds to emails and posts messages on his facebook page. It is not like in the wars that you read about, when you had to wait for weeks, or even months, for a letter. He is always right there. Maybe not answering the phone immediately, but close.

Today, I am waiting and ready to hear that everything is okay.

I suppose I am selfish. I should never have allowed the complacency of the media to become my complacency. How could I have allowed myself to forget about the dangers he (and each of the men and women serving) is facing? But I did.

Today, I am waiting and hoping to hear that everything is okay.

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